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RICKTER RC-1 was one of my crazy ideas. I have always been passionate by motorcycle specially sport bike. I just love that feeling of leaning body to inside turn and get closer to surface.

My goal was to reproduce that feeling on the water. I am not into sit down riding sports and it never attracts me, but this something else. It is something else with totally a new riding style.

I called this is a Super Sport Class and RICKTER RC-1 has the same length as RICKTER FS-1,2 & 3.

It is just a little bit wider.

You will ride RC-1 like a motorcycle sitting down and leaning on the side to turn. It is really easy to ride on RC-1 and the ski will not keep balance like standup ski.

For deep water starts, rider just needs to climb up the back of RC-1. The RC-1 will sink, then grab the bar, press start button and off you go. The rider can ride RC-1 standing up on during a jump to use legs to absorb the landing impact.

Please check out VIDEO as it worth a thousand words. On this Video clip, my girlfriend had a 5 minutes on RC-1. Just would like to show you how easy to ride the new RC-1.

The hull will accept all the YAMAHA Super Jet mechanic, engine, pump etc, (Only Super Jet 08 and 09 needs to replace drive shaft to previous year version).

Enjoy the ride.